Playing works by popular composers

This tutorial is the first in a series helping you to get started with Classical. If you haven’t got Classical installed head over to the App Store, and come back here when you’re ready to get going.

When you start Classical you’ll see a list of well known composers - from the medieval composer LĂ©onin born in 1135 to contemporary composers such as John Adams.

In future tutorials we’ll look at the Timeline tab and search to access to over 220 composers.

Tap a composer to see a list of works from Classical’s database. You will also see some basic biographical information.

The list starts with some of the composers most famous works. It is followed by an almost complete catalogue of the composers output over their lifetime.

Works are categorised as either chamber, keyboard, orchestral, stage or vocal. In another tutorial we’ll look at filtering works.

When you tap a work Classical will search Apple Music to find albums featuring the work. Depending on the work Classical may need to do multiple searches so can take a short while before a list of recordings are returned.

On some occasions a work may be in the Classical database but no recordings can be found. Find out more about how Classical works.

When you see a recording you’d like to listen to tap it to be shown the list of tracks and a button start playback. You will only be shown those tracks on the album for the work you selected. If you want to see the entire album tap the “Open in Apple Music” button.

I hope this tutorial has helped you get started with Classical. Follow us on Twitter to be notified on future tutorials.